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The Maritime Standard Transaportation & Climate Change Conference (TMS TACCC) is a global event, dedicated to addressing the pressing challenges and opportunities in the transportation industry. With transportation accounting for approximately a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, TMS TACCC provides a vital platform to address this issue. Our comprehensive conference program features keynote sessions, panel discussions, and interactive workshops covering diverse topics such as sustainable shipping and marine technology, greener road transportation, advancements in railways, and aviation’s journey towards zero carbon.

Through engaging presentations and insightful discussions, attendees will gain valuable insights into the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies driving sustainable transformation in the transportation sector. Connect with industry leaders, explore investment opportunities, and shape the future of transportation in alignment with global climate change goals.

TMS TACCC charts the course for a sustainable transportation future. Together, let’s navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities to drive positive change in the maritime, road, railway, and aviation sectors. Be part of the movement towards a greener and cleaner industry.


At The Maritime Standard Transportation and Climate Change Conference (TMS TACCC), esteemed industry leaders and experts will address the urgent need to combat transportation’s impact on climate change. Explore innovative strategies and solutions for a sustainable future in maritime, road transportation, railway, and aviation. Delve into key topics such as multi-modal transportation models, low-carbon infrastructure, industry collaboration, ports’ role in climate action, and the future of alternative fuels. Be inspired by influential speakers from various sectors and a UN representative familiar with sustainable transportation initiatives. The session begins with an inaugural address by a prominent figure within the Abu Dhabi government. Don’t miss this pivotal session where thought-provoking discussions and innovative ideas will shape the roadmap for climate action in the transportation industry. Join us and work together towards a greener future.

Ports and Logistics

The Ports and Logistics at TMS TACCC, will focus on “Redesigning logistics for a green future.” This session empowers ports to drive change and establish a sustainable multimodal transport system. Discover initiatives by leading port operators and cargo-handling technology developers to reduce carbon emissions, and explore advancements in rail and air cargo sectors.

Topics include understanding ports’ contribution to climate change and effective remedial measures, eco-friendly power solutions for cargo handling systems, leveraging shoreside power for emission reduction, promoting rail connectivity for greener land transport, and the role of air cargo in sustainable supply chains. We will also explore short sea and inland waterway freight, positioning ports as central hubs for multimodal networks.

Expert speakers will present innovations in electric vehicles, energy-efficient railways, sustainable aviation fuel, and low-emission propulsion technologies. Additionally, they will discuss UN sustainable supply chain initiatives impacting the shipping and logistics sector.

Engage in an interactive Q&A session, where you can interact with the speakers and gain deeper insights into these crucial topics. Join us as we shape the future of green logistics and explore the potential for a sustainable transport industry.

Sustainable Shipping and Marine Technology

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainable shipping and marine technology at our conference session. With marine transportation’s significant contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, this session highlights innovative solutions to reduce environmental impact. Industry leaders and experts will share their insights and latest advancements, fostering a greener maritime industry.

Explore a range of topics presented by esteemed speakers. Discover practical strategies for reducing climate impact in container shipping while maintaining economic viability. Learn about the crucial role of cruise shipping in environmental protection. Uncover the future of zero-carbon ships through alternative fuels and propulsion systems. Understand how classification societies enforce environmental standards. Get a glimpse into engine manufacturers’ research for a sustainable future. Finally, optimize fuel management and efficiency for a more eco-friendly industry.

Engage with the speakers in a dynamic question and answer session, gaining further insights and exploring these critical topics. Join us to shape the future of sustainable shipping and marine technology, making a positive impact on our environment and industry.

Finance, legal and regulations

Explore the crucial role of the financial and legal sectors in driving sustainable transportation initiatives at our conference session, “The Financial and Legal Dimension.” Join experts from diverse domains as they discuss collaborative approaches to accelerate climate action plans and navigate regulatory complexities.

Delve into key topics such as securing climate change funding in the transport industry, collaborating with financial partners to reduce carbon emissions, insights from the insurance sector, leveraging tax incentives for transportation climate objectives, legal clarity amidst regulatory changes, and evaluating the costs of climate change versus inaction.

Gain insights into government incentives and regulations promoting sustainable transportation, insurance strategies and risk management, sustainable financing models for transportation infrastructure, global climate change financing initiatives, and integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in the transportation sector.

A legal expert will also explore international agreements, carbon pricing frameworks, contractual considerations, and legal challenges associated with implementing climate change mitigation strategies in transportation.

Hybrid format

TACC will be a hybrid conference with attendees and presenters taking part online using webinar technology and in person, meeting all the necessary health and safety requirements in place at the time. The organising committee will continue to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic and will modify arrangements as appropriate. However the hybrid format with both onsite and virtual components will allow more people to participate and benefit from this important event


Ajay core
Ajay core
Mark wesley
Mark wesley
Building Brands
Emile Hoogsteden
Chief Executive Officer, SOHAR Port

Emile Hoogsteden is an entrepreneurial executive with experience of over thirty years in developing global business partnerships in commercial shipping, ports, and the logistics industry. He will lead SOHAR Port into the next stage of expansion, robust business growth and energy transition towards becoming a fully integrated industrial port and logistics hub.

Results-driven with a focus on global trading and shipping lanes, the industry veteran will aim to accomplish SOHAR Port and Freezone’s potential as an engine for economic diversification, sustainability, and investment to meet Oman’s development goals. He boasts a strong track-record in the Senior Management Teams at P&O Nedlloyd B.V, APM Terminals International B.V and most recently the Port of Rotterdam where he was Vice President Commercial.

In conjunction with a commercially orientated mindset, as well as experience in dealing with international governmental authorities, Emile also possesses considerable expertise in defining and executing Commercial Digitalization strategies. During his career, Emile has been i.a. Member of the Board of the Sohar Industrial Port Company, Sohar International Development Company, Rotterdam Port Promotion Council, International Logistics Promotion Council, Greenport Venlo and Blocklab (Rotterdam Blockchain Fieldlab).

Emile holds a Master’s degree of Corporate Law from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and a host of diplomas in management and leadership.

Capt Abdulkareem Al Masabi

Capt Abdulkareem Al Masabi is leading ADNOC Logistics & Services, an ADNOC company formed in 2017 from three ADNOC Group companies (ADNATCO-IRSHAD AND ESNAAD). Before assuming his current role in April 2018, Captain Abdulkareem Al Masabi was the Executive VicePresident of the Ports Unit at Abu Dhabi Ports, where he was responsible for all of Abu Dhabi Ports’ dayto-day operational activities. Prior to this role, Al Masabi was the Vice President at Khalifa Port. He joined Abu Dhabi Ports as Senior Operations Manager in 2009 with over 11 years’ experience in the shipping and ports industry.

Before joining Abu Dhabi Ports, he was marine operations manager with the National Gas Shipping Company, an ADNOC Group company. Before that, he was a senior marine superintendent with Gulf Energy Maritime. For the eight years before that, he was with NGSCO, where he rose through the ranks on board the company’s LNG/oil tankers, from third officer to master/chief officer, where he provided operational leadership for the ports’ growth. While there, he led the Khalifa Port to being named Port of the Year in 2014 and 2015. He also was recognized as the Outstanding VP/ EVP at the Abu Dhabi Award of
Excellence in 2017.

Capt Abdulkareem graduated from South Tyneside college from UK as a Master Mariner in addition he has an executive Masters in Business Administration, business Administration and management, general (2013-1014).